About Us


The Suvorov Foundation Cultural Association was established on July 31, 2021 at the historical Villa Arnolfini in Italy during the open international event "Russian-European dialogue".

The aim of the Suvorov Foundation is to:

  • Restore and preserve Russian cultural and historical heritage in Europe
  • Foster international dialogue beyond politics and develop cooperation between countries on sociocultural issues
  • Promote Russian culture and language, organize international events, exhibitions, displays, and study programs
  • Provide a forum for discussing and developing cooperation between Russia and Italy
  • Found and open the Alexander Suvorov Museum in Villa Arnolfini
  • Create a center for attracting intellectuals interested in culture
  • Provide assistance to organizations from the sphere of culture and arts in representing their interests in Russia and Italy

The Suvorov Foundation Cultural Association is a non-profit organization.

Association Council

Association President
Ms. Maria Solntseva

Mr. Rodolfo Bigagli 

Mr. Massimo Rucci